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Vesperius is the beating, living heart of the Shadow Mechanics.

"I am the ticking of the cogs. I am the pressure of the vice. I am the sheen of gunmetal, the scream of silence, the darkness of an empty night. I am the New Moon."

Vesperius is the Deity of the Shadow Mechanics, worshipped by the Nocten, and one of the deities of the Moon. He is the God of cruelty and order, and often takes the form of a metallic owl among his followers. His presence is enough to twist and warp the world around him, corrupting it with his Mechanics, and despite his small size in his true form he is a formidable opponent.

Vesperius was formed when the original conflict between Light and Dark created a fissure in the heart of El, eventually causing it to split into the six Elemental Deities. Though Vesperius is minor compared to their power, he took the potential for ordered cruelty with him, and his existence intrigues many creatures and masters of the shadows.

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