Vetala have excellent senses

Vetala are blood-sucking manifestations of the predatory nature of the Abyss . Extremely powerful, they have agility and strength far above human capacity, and can easily tear through steel. The Vetala are some of the most feared Others due to their lethal efficiency in attacking sorcerers and the gruesome nature of the exsanguinated corpses they leave behind.

Vetala have incredible strength, agility, and speed, and can move with absolute silence in the night. Fleeting shadows with milky skin and emotionless black eyes, they have the predatory senses of a hunter, and can hear the pulse of a human from several metres away. Vetala also posess surprising ability at climbing, being able to almost run up vertical surfaces effortlessly, and creep on the underside of ceilings with ease.

Most Vetal can also turn into a black cat, rat, or bat, of normal size for the chosen species. Vetala feed by sucking the blood from the victims they defeat, injecting a corrosive venom that in time will turn the sorcerer into a Vetala too, if they survive the ordeal.

Vetala are extremely resistant to every type of magic except Light and Fire . They appear to be extremely flammable, and contact with flames will rapidly burn them to greasy ashes. Vetala also can only appear at night, and if they are caught in direct sunlight they will turn to stone.