Egyptian warrior by rebeccapike-d555trl

Wardancers are renown for their grace and agility.

The Wardancers are the Elite Sorcerers of the Temple of Bastet. An ancient order of warriors that combine the manipulation of sand with an intricate martial art known as Wardancing, they see beauty in the act of war, weaving their art with blood and flesh rather than paint and pigments. In the spirit of the Temple, they are worshippers of Bastet, the goddess of pleasure and the arts. 

This could lead to the assumption that Wardancers are nothing to be afraid of, but the frenzied movements of a skilled Wardancer are as effective and deadly as the great war machines of the Temple. Twisting and turning to a rythm only they can hear, these warriors turn the brutal violence of combat into a refined and deadly dance that only they survive.

The magic of Wardancing often relies on the manipulation of sand or another Element of Magic as a part of the dance. Often the dancer lifts themselves on a coil of magical power, or uses it to increase their martial prowess.  During battles, the Dancers wear masks that depict the face of an animal. In a process similar to Spiritism, each Wardancer is in tune with a particular beast that corresponds to their nature, and they are able to shift their form between human and animal and any intermediate stage between both.

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