Whisps take the form of swirling darkness

Whisps are one of the most basic forms of Other, and made of living fragments of the Abyss. Although Whisps are rather weak alone, they can easily combine into a growing storm of sentient darkness, powerful enough to destroy a sorcerer brutally and efficiently.

Whisps constantly emit a faint whimpering murmur, the voice of the Abyss itself, ravenously demanding magic to feed on. Based on their similar forms and capacities, some lorekeepers have suggested that the Whisps were orriginally corrupted Mesmeri.

Whisps attack their victims with one of two basic methods. Their most common attack is to attempt to slip into the lungs of the foe, where they rapidly putrefy the flesh, causing them to drown in the resulting ink-like pus.

They can also attempt to slip into the mind of the victim, through the facial orifices, and attempt to drive them mad with the howling anger of the Abyss. Survivors of this attack are never quite themselves ever again, forever tormented by the eternal hunger of the dark. They are known as whisp-touched. Thankfully, Whisps are weak creatures and easily destroyed. A blast of Primal magic will disperse them quickly, and rays of Light can vaporize several of them at once.