Duels of the planeswalkers 2012 003

The Kiss is incredibly painful.

The White Lady's Kiss is a well-known and feared spell of Black Occultism. While most occult rituals are relatively weak in comparison to true Magic, the Kiss is incredibly effective against all beings with a sentient and coherent mind. Named after the spirit that is invoked as part of the grisly process, it is well known for breaking the mind and soul of those that endure it and survive the process.

Essentially a torture technique, the Kiss invokes the vengeful wrath of the White Lady, a spirit that was killed when her jealous lover stabbed her through the right eye. As a perverse echo of this, she blinds the same eye of every victim of the ritual, turning their irises milky and vapid as well as fragmenting their mind and their will. Although it is common for those afflicted to die from the mental and physical trauma of the spell, that forces them to endure agony beyond comprehension, some survive to bear the mark.

None escape the Kiss unscathed, however. Even survivors are prone to madness after the displaced eroticism of its touch, plagued by violent tempers and sudden bursts of uncontrollable emotion. Unstable and prone to suicide or violence, they very often die quickly as a result of the Kiss, whether they resisted it initially or not.