The pentagram is a common symbol of occultism, representing white occultism when in this position.

White Occultism (also known as White Magic for those who are unaware of the full existence of Magic) is the variation of Occultism most commonly associated with Light and good intentions. Often relying on faith in higher powers, such as the occult God and Goddess (believed to be based on variations of Atlar and Ishtara), it concentrates on protection, cleansing, and foresight as its main traits.

The use of herbs, oils, and mineral substances is quite common in white occult rituals as a way of drawing energy from the matrix of life that flows through all things. White occultists believe strongly that the universe is a living organism, an apt parabole for the truth of the Nexus. In the eyes of sorcerers the White Occultists are benevolent but often considered inefficient or ineffective due to the more subtle nature of their powers.

White Occultism draws heavily on the names of Angels, especially the seven Archangels, as a way to channel power. They believe their is strength in a name and will often hide their own or use charms and talismans to protect their identity. The association with stars and signs of the Zodiac is also quite common with white occultists, who use planetary influences and astral alignments to coordinate their rituals. They have their own name for the nexus, calling it the Astral Plane. White occultists are also much more powerful during the full moon, and weakened physically and mentally during the new moon, their power waning and waxing with the rhythm of the lunar cycle.