The Wild Hunt are relentless, savage warriors.

The Wild Hunt are the Elite sorcerers of the Children of Morrigan. Powerful warriors that share an empathetic link with the very heart of the Black Forest, they are elusive and deadly when alone and an unstoppable force of nature when together.

According to myth and legend, the Wild Hunt are formed mainly from the last vestiges of a fallen Faerie race known as the Firbolg. Fierce protectors of the forests and skies, the Firbolg ruled for years before the arrival of the Milesians, the ancestors of Humanity. The last trace of their ferocity is embodied in the Hunt, and the roar of a Wild Hunter will call the forest itself to his or her aid, warping vegetation and summoning beasts both large and small. When the Hunter's Call echoes through the Black Forest, they gather on the peaks of mountains and then ride through the clouds. The pounding of their mounts and drums creates thunder that can be heard for miles around, as the innate magic of the Wild Hunt is the manipulation of storms and tempests.

An old nursery rhyme commonly told among the fae states that the reason their race and all other Faekind cannot lie is because the Hunt punishes faerie liars by impaling them on barbs of cold-forged iron and dragging them behind their horde when they ride through the skies. This perhaps explains why the Hunt, along with the Fomorians, are the only faerie race to be able to touch iron unharmed.

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